The gastronomy from Palermo is varied, good and tasty. From appetizers to desserts, Palermo offers dishes not to be missed: a unique combination of ingredients, flavors and fragrances, the result of the passage of countless civilizations that have succeeded and which have also left their mark in the kitchen. Saffron, pistachio nuts, dairy products, prickly pear, and aromas for slush, are just some of the items used in the inventive cuisine of Palermo. Do not fill yourselves the belly of cannoli and cassata, sample traditional dishes also the popular “street food”, such as the famous arancini (breaded fried rice balls and stuffed usually with meat sauce, mozzarella and peas); the croquettes or “cazzilli” made from potatoes; Panelle, (chickpea flour fritters); sfincione (large sheet of yeast dough topped with a fresh tomato sauce, onion, anchovies and cheese); and the proverbial bread ca ‘meusa, or the loaf stuffed spleen, lung and trachea into small pieces cooked with lard, the “frank” version, that is simple (so to speak!) and “married”, or with the ricotta.

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