Gli eventi più belli di Palermo


RestART “, the (night) festival of Palermo: visits and special events among museums, palaces and churches

RestART returns to Palermo, the latest generation festival that opens some of the most important cultural sites in the city at night. This will be the litmus test to “test” the attractive power of the city and start from here.

Appointments and special events are scheduled from 2 July to 28 August, every Friday and Saturday, with limited admissions and online reservations by choosing the time between 19.00 and midnight.

At a cost of 3 euros for each visit, you can visit the four Serpottian oratories, the canvases of Palazzo Abatellis, the stuccos of the Oratorio dei Bianchi, the furnishings of Palazzo Mirto and the collections of Villa Zito and Palazzo Branciforte.

That’s not all. Until midnight you can also enter the stage of the Teatro Massimo, get lost in the marbles of Santa Caterina (complete with a visit to its dome), visit San Giovanni degli Eremiti and Cuba.

And from July 16, the prisons of the inquisition of Palazzo Chiaramonte – Steri will also become part of the RestART circuit, hosting, with a new layout, the Vucciria di Guttuso.

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It will be a Sicily that is discovered little by little, transforming itself into a single widespread museum: on the eight weekends of September and October, Le Vie dei Tesori returns for the fifteenth edition, the festival that opens, tells and puts places online every year of the beauty, culture and history of Sicily.

Together – to be visited with a single digital coupon and with guided tours – there are usually inaccessible places and great attractions, little-known sites and famous places, all in a single narrated circuit with a strong vocation for storytelling. And many tours enriched by the contribution of academics, scholars, heritage experts.

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Cous Cous Fest

The Cous Cous Fest is back. The event, which brings thousands of visitors every year to San Vito Lo Capo, will take place from 17 to 26 September 2021. The International Festival of Cultural Integration, organized by the Municipality of Trapani and the Feedback communication agency, producer of the event, suffered a stop last year due to the Covid emergency.

Now we think about rescheduling what is the flagship event of the territory but also one of the major Italian events in the sector. The next edition will be in the name of the recognition of couscous as an intangible cultural heritage of Unesco, announced last December.

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video mapping (at night) in Palermo

It reads “Anima Mundi” and takes the form of an immersive journey through the nocturnal wonders of the Botanical Garden of Palermo, between the gnarled trunks and the branches that characterize it.

The project was created by Odd Agency to transport the public into an imaginary world populated by fantastic presences and in contact with the soul of the world, promoting an ecological awareness in users.

«We had this project in mind for over two years – Fabrizio Pedone of the Odd Agency told us – and now it seems to us the best time to share it with the public.

In addition to bringing the spirit of the place back to life, which we have deepened and examined through the study of the species present and the stories and traditions linked to them, through projections, installations and a light design project, beings generated by myths linked to Nature they will reveal, also involving the users in the experience. Our final goal is to raise awareness of respect for the plant world, promoting a reflection on climate change and on the actions carried out by man which, by now it is evident to everyone, are destroying, not even slowly, the ecosystem and the planet, everyone’s home ».

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L’estate palermitana è alle porte e nella cornice della settecentesca Villa Filippina si svolgerà uno degli eventi clou della stagione calda: “Mercanti sotto le stelle”, la mostra mercato della creatività organizzata in sinergia con l’associazione Artigianando.

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